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  • How to be a corporate client?

    After sending your requirements, WG will then prepare the contract that shows the freight costs and the terms and conditions.

  • Can I arrange a redelivery for a specific time?

    Unfortunately, WG does not guarantee actual delivery time frame as schedule based on route and destination.

  • Can I pick up my shipment from a WG branch?

    Absolutely. However you need to make sure that the shipment have arrived and its ready for pick up.

  • How do I arrange a delivery?

    First you need to upload the consignee information as well as the package description required by the system using the client portal. After that, you need to change the status from for verification to ready for pick up then wait for the rider to pick up your shipments.

  • In which locations do you operate?

    In Philippines, WG has its head office located in Muntinlupa City.

    We have WG branches in the following locations; Lapu- lapu City in Cebu, Quezon City, Mandaluyong and Pasay City. With our 3PL partners, WG were able to maximize its delivery coverage worldwide.

  • How do I track my parcel?

    With real time update, you can simply monitor the movement of your shipments using the client portal and the websites tracking system.

  • What if my shipment arrives damaged?

    If your shipment arrives damaged, you should contact the shipper and let them know and they’ll advise you of the next steps. If you’re the shipper, please contact WG customer support team.

  • What should I do if my shipment hasn't arrived?

    If you’re shipment hasn’t arrived, firstly track your shipment on our website using you waybill number. This will show the whereabouts of your shipment. If there’s no information, please contact WG customer support team.

Experience a hassle free, safe and reliable logistics and warehousing.

WG is now one of the top choice in logistics industry, continuing to expand the range in welcoming partnerships such as corporate accounts which benefits advanced solutions and offering high quality of service.